Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve heard a lot of questions, and we’re always happy to answer them. Here’s a few of the most common questions.

What about purchasing foreclosures in our area listed by other agencies?

We have been selling many of the Nappanee area foreclosures even though they are listed with other agencies – WE ARE STILL YOUR HOMETOWN TEAM AT WORK! So, give us a call for information about any listing you see that you might be interested in regardless of the listing agency; we can help you.

Can Phil Hahn & Associates do property appraisals?

Our agents are not certified appraisers. Many times if you re-finance, your finance company will require a certified appraisal be done. When a non-certified appraisal is satisfactory, our agents can provide a comparable market analysis which determines the fair market value of your home.

When do we file for a mortgage and/or homestead exemption at the Auditor’s office at our County seat?

Mortgage exemptions should be filed each time your mortgage information changes.
Homestead exemptions should be filed each time you change your address/move.
There is also an old age exemption. Check to see if you qualify also at the Auditor’s office.

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